State Micro Reviews 

Commonwealth of Virginia’s Virtual Building Inspection

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, indoor and outdoor construction settings became a risk for transmission of the virus to all participants. To mitigate this risk, the Division of Engineering and Buildings (DEB) established a virtual inspection program. In creating guidelines, their emphasis on communicating the changes early is what made it possible for them to get the program up and running with a month! By going virtual, the DEB team has kept themselves and others safe during a global pandemic, saved 100+ hours of travel time, be more responsive to inspection requests, kept the team better focused, and reduced travel cost all while keeping up with their tremendous workload.

Colorado’s Employer of Choice Initiative

Colorado Governor Jared Polis tasked the State of Colorado’s Department of Personnel & Administration to make state government an Employer of Choice, allowing the state to attract and retain talented, dedicated, and forward-thinking individuals to a career in public service. Through an employee survey and robust data, Colorado created six strategic areas & teams and a three-year road-map: compensation; talent growth and development; equity, diversity, and inclusion; health, safety, and wellbeing; recruiting and hiring; and work perks.

 Missouri’s Professional Development Transformation

The state of Missouri embarked upon a talent development transformation journey involving all 16 executive departments and their nearly 50,000 team members. To improve results for our citizens,  Missouri unleashed the untapped potential of our teammates across state government and provide them the skills to succeed. The campaign took over two years to establish a dramatically different “new normal.”

 Texas’ Energy Conservation

Texas’ approach has resulted in an expanded role for State Energy Conservation Office over the years, working closely with agencies and local governments to provide technical assistance to governments, increase energy conservation by businesses, and promote education to professionals, higher education, and elementary school students. The Texas team will discuss their State Agency Energy Advisory Group, Energy savings performance contracting support, electrification of fleet initiative, and the LoanSTAR revolving fund that ensure technical assistance to energy savings projects.