2019-2020 Top Ten Priorities of State Chief Administrators

Top TenNASCA conducts a survey of State Chief Administrators to identify and prioritize the policy and administrative priorities facing state government operations. The top ten priorities are identified and used as input for all NASCAs programs, planning for conference sessions, research and publications.

State Chief Administrators report their number one priority included driving change and innovation up from third in the previous year. This 

small but noticeable change from last year’s survey reflects the growing focus on operational excellence and transformation. The state CAO is viewed as the person able to provide an enterprise view of culture, digital modernization, and facilitate effective management.  

The members of NASCA reflect the cabinet level officials responsible for the operations of government, often including agencies such as facilities, purchasing, finance, IT, and HR. To increase the robustness and strategic alignment across government operations, NASCA reviewed peer state associations to inform the final top ten and subcomponents within each broad priority. Many of the final top ten items were from components of peer association’s Top Ten List. NASCA also conducted a private sector survey of their perception working with various states of trending priorities in state government operations.

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