Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Transformation of HR and IT Nationally Recognized - 2018 NASCA Innovation in State Government Award Winner

Friday, October 19, 2018



Photo of 2018 NASCA Innovation in State Government Award Winner[Omaha, Nebraska] Friday, October 19, 2018 – The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been named the winner in the category of Personnel for the 2018 National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) Innovation in State Government Award, honoring best-in-class initiatives within the state government administration.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s nationally recognized efforts were focused on shifting the Human Resources and Information Technology services to a full shared services delivery model, governance process, and financial model to achieve operational efficiencies.

In January 2017, Governor Tom Wolf announced the transformation would allow agencies to better focus resources on delivering programs and services to the citizens of Pennsylvania. “The impact of the shared services transformation goes far beyond the commonwealth’s 2,200 HR and IT professionals to include every program, bureau and office in the enterprise,” said Sharon Minnich, Secretary of the Office of Administration for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   

The effort is part of the administration’s strategic focus on transforming government and improving services through collaboration, innovative process redesign, and data-driven decision making. Historically, service delivery was a mix of centralized services provided by the Office of Administration (OA) and decentralized services provided by IT and HR staff dedicated to a single agency. This model resulted in duplication of services, inconsistent processes, varying levels of resources and capabilities, and little incentive for agencies to work together on common challenges. 

The scope and approach taken for the initiative make it both noteworthy and unique among states. Pennsylvania used a largely employee-led approach to plan and execute the transition, an approach that gave employees a voice and a personal stake in the success of the initiative.

This shared services initiative has saved over $27 million since January 2017, primarily through the reduction of personnel costs by attrition and technology convergence opportunities. While savings are important, the most critical efficiencies created are the natural working alliances and sharing of information and resources that are occurring as the employees blend into the organization and that were not possible when the services were siloed.

“Pennsylvania is leading with a legacy of excellence, providing a replicable model for others to follow in their footsteps. The employee driven approach and holistic design are a compelling model for driving change in state government so agencies can focus on providing the best services to citizens,” said Sarah Razor, executive director of the National Association of State Chief Administrators. 

The NASCA Innovation in State Government Awards are the premier awards program in recognizing state government operational innovations and leadership. The nominations are reviewed by experienced state chief administrators and subject matter experts from the private sector based on innovationability to transfer or replicate the initiative to other state and local governments, and efficiencies created.   NASCA recognized the 2018 award winners at the Institute on Management and Leadership, a premier and engaging two-day executive education program led by the Leadership for a Networked World at Harvard University. (

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