Job One 2020: Transform State Government's Workforce for Tomorrow

Pandemic Escalates State Government Workforce Challenges, According to Report from NASCA, NEOGOV and Accenture

Strategic workforce and succession planning, training and performance management are highlighted in the report as essential areas of focus for improving public sector adaptability and longer-term viability to thrive and meet employee and citizen expectations.

Additionally concerning, the survey found only 13% of surveyed state and local government employees and 7% of HR directors agreed that training is “a good use of their time.” Less than half (48%) were satisfied with their organization’s support for advancing employees’ careers, which indicates that employees are not being groomed for roles likely to be vacated by retiring baby boomers in the near future.

Key Recommendations 

According to the report, basic areas for systematic workforce improvement that have risen in importance during the pandemic and economic downturn, and demand greater attention in many states, include:

Enterprise-wide planning – to encompass a broad view of talent availability and strengths, succession planning (or lack thereof), training and performance evaluation processes.

Workforce planning accountability – to establish leadership and responsibility for ensuring collaboration and deliberate consideration and follow-through on initiatives to address challenges and build the future workforce.

Re-evaluate how work is done and services delivered – for instance, if a significant portion of the workforce has moved to a remote model, monitoring delivery of services, developing skills, evaluating performance, and communication channels must evolve to support the new or evolving operating model.

Prioritize training – technological advances and moves to remote working are opening opportunities to reimagine and reinvent training, such as moving to blends of on-the-job and virtual classroom training customization of learning agendas to match individual needs.

Institute meaningful performance evaluations –  Using real performance evaluation to elevate employee aspirations and opportunities remains a key to-do for many states struggling to advance workforce capabilities to meet new and emerging challenges.

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