NASCA COVID-19 Resources

Throughout the current CDC guidelines of an eight-week period, NASCA will be prioritizing staff efforts to resources and guidance related to COVID-19 specifically how state governments are addressing policy and procedures around state government workforce, facilities, IT, budget, procurement, and risk management and away from standard committee calls and events to help our members, both state and corporate that aide states, navigate these uncertain times. 

Here's what we are hearing from our members:

We have been holding weekly call with both NASCA state and corporate members to share the resources their organizations are developing in response to COVID-19. Through these conversations states have shared valuable information discussing their needs to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some common themes we are hearing from our membership and possible solutions that may work across the country as we battle this pandemic together.

The below is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all resources received but to serve as some sample actions of what states are currently doing. If you are in need of state specific information or topic specific resources, please contact us

  • Temporary teleworking policies have been put into place in most states
  • Most Capitol Campuses are closed to the public
  • Identifying many state parks as quarantine facilities 
  • Working to outfit large hotels, fairgrounds and convention centers for hospital overflow
  • Looking to reallocate non-essential employees into areas of need to keep them employed
  • Procuring high demand items from alternative sources (i.e. hand sanitizer from local distilleries)
  • Creating volunteer portals to help recruit additional healthcare workers

Some sensitive resources may be shared through a member login. These documents will be posted in the CAO Only Collaborate Community, and will also be linked on our public website with “password required” noted.   

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Weekly State Member Calls 

In addition to collecting and distributing resources, for the next eight weeks, NASCA will be hosting weekly standing calls with state members on Mondays between 3:00-4:00 PM ET. State Chief Administrators, please look for a calendar invite with the zoom call-in information. If you did not receive the invite, but believe you should please reach out to [email protected].  

Weekly Corporate Partner Calls 

NASCA has also begun calls with the Corporate Council to share the states greatest concerns with our corporate leaders. These calls are being held on Tuesdays between 3:00-4:00 PM ET. For more information, please contact [email protected]


Personnel Management Resources (Employee Assistance, Leave,Telework, Telehealth)

Procurement Related Resources

State Actions

State Department of Administration Resources

State Health Department Resources









NASCA Corporate Partner Resources

  • Benefitfocus, helping the benefits community by providing unique insight, best practices and resources for employee communication and business continuity. 
  • Civic Initiatives, LLC, providing temporary teleworking agreement and procurement emergency procedures templates for free use.
  • Cornerstone Cares, a publicly available site that will provide free online training around the Coronavirus, stress management and remote working.
  • Deloitte, bringing together Global Deloitte Insights to help businesses manage and mitigate the risk.
  • IBM, Delivering answers to COVID-19 and public safety questions for citizens
  • IBM, High Performance Computing Consortium helps aggregate computing capabilities from the world's most powerful and advanced computers to help COVID-19 researchers execute complex computational research programs to help fight the virus.
  • JLL Global Real Estate Implications, as COVID-19 impacts more people every day, coronavirus contingency planning is of the utmost importance. Explore pandemic's potential effects on the economy, reals estate effects on economy, real estate sectors and investors and occupiers. 
  • JLL Workplace Readiness for COVID-19, 10 key questions to ask for workplace continuity readiness.
  • NASPO ValuePoint, Contract Information on High Demand Items
  • Periscope Holdings, Inc., Five ways that NIGP Consulting Can Reduce the Procurement Burden of Government Agencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Additional Resources