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Policy and strategy priorities for government operations

About the Top Ten

NASCA conducts an analysis of state Chief Administrators to identify and prioritize the policy and administrative priorities facing state government operations. The top ten priorities are identified and used as input for all NASCA programs, planning for professional development activities, annual research, and in publications.

Budget Reductions & Cost Efficiencies

Prioritizing spending where most effective, budget, cost control, sustainable, savings opportunities,
allocating funding to deferred maintenance


Customer Service & Experience

Internal customer service strategies; building customer agency confidence, trust, and collaboration


Data Management & Analytics

Tools, accuracy and completeness, infrastructure and governance, metrics and predictive analytics, ownership, platform integration, and data sharing


Digital Government, Automation, Augmentation

Access to virtual government services that are transparent and citizen-centric, dashboards; budget, procurement, hiring transparency to public; internal digital tools to streamline processes, expedite service delivery, and reduce errors, customer self-service

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in Procurement

Disparity Studies, minimum goals, vendor outreach, systemic policy change, transparency and ease in purchasing, pre-payments, community wealth building efforts, expanding the vendor pool



Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in Workforce

Removing unconscious bias, hiring, developing, retention representative of state demographics in each agency & leadership


Employee Engagement & Experience

Employer of choice; culture; talent growth & development; recognition, health, safety, and wellbeing; work perks

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Deploying and shifting FTE, reduction of headcount, creating an enterprise-wide vision for the future of state work and its workforce, skills assessments, workforce analytics


Supply Chain & Stockpile Management

Joint planning, sourcing, and procurement, scheduling of supplier and distributor activities, inventory management, warehousing, customer service



Workspaces & Built Space Optimization/Reduction

Facilities, parking lots, green spaces, deferred maintenance optimization, reducing leased space

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The association’s top ten priorities are vetted by NASCA’s Research and Policy Committee and approved by NASCA’s Executive Committee.

To increase the robustness and strategic alignment across government operations, NASCA’s Research and Policy Committee reviewed peer state associations' priorities, Corporate Council thought leadership, and conducted qualitative feedback through a Roll Call of the States.

The members of NASCA reflect the Cabinet-level officials responsible for the operations of government, often including agencies such as facilities, purchasing, finance, information technology, and human resources.