Leaders across the world are grappling with unparalleled volatility, uncertainty, and complexity. In many ways, a decade of change has been compressed into just a few months. This pivotal time will define how organizations provide value to the world, and the boldest and bravest leaders are using the upheaval to build capacity for an emerging future.

State Chief Administrators are squarely in the mix. Not only are you called upon to respond to this pivotal crisis, but also develop a plan for navigating through an uncertain, politically charged future. While challenging at every level, this moment has illuminated the innovations, operating models, and collaborations that have the potential to expand capacity for change over the long term.

To help state Chief Administrators emerge stronger, more agile, and better able to redefine and deliver public value, Leadership for a Networked World and the National Association of State Chief Administrators are convening the 2021 NASCA Institute on Management and Leadership Redefining Agility and Resilience.

At the 2021 Institute, participants will take a leadership view and address opportunities to bolster and sustain newfound strengths and fix gaps that have been identified in government operations. In particular, the Institute will address these critical challenges and opportunities from two leadership vantage points:

  • The Degree of Change: As leaders reflect on emerging innovations and societal shifts, and adopt new organization models, collaborations, and value measures, what degree of progress is needed to sustain public value?
  • The Pace of Change: As leaders decide on the degree of innovation necessary to achieve new capacity, how can people, teams, and overall organizational culture become more resilient, dynamic, and capable of pacing the speed of transformation?

Together, attendees of the Institute will not only advance their organization’s capacity to leverage transformation in turbulent times but also build their personal leadership capacity to create and deliver new public value.


Thank you to our Institute Sponsors!