2020 may be in the past but what did we learn from this unparalleled year?  At a minimum, we discovered that most states could pivot overnight, close government campuses, send staff to remote work environments and truly restructure operations in a matter of days and weeks.  As we work through 2021 and forecast into 2022, NASCA will take an opportunity to bring members together around lessons learned and the sustainability of those experiences.

Join your colleagues at NASCA’s 2021 CAO Leadership Summit where we will connect, build relationships and reenergize around common themes in state government operations.  Utilize this time together to collaborate with state and corporate partners and leave with a better understanding of what is necessary to get ready for the next big thing, whether that be a global pandemic, natural disaster or emergent crisis.

Topics will include:

  • Employee engagement in a post-pandemic world;
  • Budget implications and a fiscal forecast;
  • Competing with the private sector for staff and becoming employers of choice;
  • Disparity studies and how to utilize results;
  • Fraud, cybersecurity and risk management;
  • Future of PPE and stockpiles; and
  • A look at the workplace of the future.

NASCA’s CAO Leadership Summit will combine Learning Labs with corporate partners, state member panels, small group action planning and ample time for networking.




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